Islamic Mosque At Ground Zero?

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It has recently come to my attention that there is a debate in New York City as to whether an Islamic mosque should be built right beside of the Ground Zero site. This is site where the former World Trade Center once stood, before being leveled to the ground by several high jacked airplanes. These high jackers, I might remind you were Radical Muslims. And now it is under consideration to build an Islamic mosque right at that very site.

Please note that I have nothing against the general Muslim population at all, only the radicals who’s sole goal in life is to kill “the infidel”. This being said I have nothing against mosques either.

However, a certain level of respect should be had. I mean you wouldn’t go build a German World War II museum right on top of the Auschwitz death camp site. It’s just wrong. There’s no other word for it. The Muslims building a mosque on Ground Zero is just a giant slap in the face for everybody who lost friends and family when the twin towers were burning down to the ground. Not just the innocent employees in the building, but the fire fighters and emergency response who gave their lives trying to save others.

The worst part about it is that many of the American public supports it. We know full well if we pulled something like that in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or the like, that those Muslims would start a full scale religious war. Sure there’s the whole issue with freedom of religion, and I believe in that. But, just have some common decency. There’s certain things you just don’t do, no matter what your freedoms are.

You don’t walk around with the swastika(卐) on your arm, you don’t say that soldiers deserved to die, you don’t murder somebody then when you get out of prison move right next door, and you don’t build a mosque on top of Ground Zero. Plain and simple.


About this blog…

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This blog is about…well pretty much everything. Anything that I should choose to write on or about. You will see my opinions, reviews, general knowledge, and politically incorrect bias on just every topic you could think of.

This will be an organized, but somewhat random blog. You may be thinking, “How can something be random, but at the same time organized? The two words just don’t go together”. Well what I mean is that, as I said above, my posts will be about any topic that I could think of or choose to write on. However, you won’t see a load of random articles posted under one “uncategorized” tab. I will be sure to organize posts neatly in their appropriate categories.


About me…

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My name is Colin Marshall. I am currently a sophomore in highschool. I live in the sunny state of South Carolina, where I wish it was colder. I lived up north for the majority of my life, so I am used to the snow and ice. However, the sun and heat do have their own benefits.

I am something of an entrepreneur. I am an online affiliate marketer, own my own personal lawn care business, and am planning to start a car detailing business this Fall. I enjoy surfing (when the water is warm), watching movies, weight lifting (and other exercise), spending time with friends, and playing rugby.